Teamwork Solutions' team has more experience with workflow tools for Lotus Notes and Domino than anyone else anywhere, period. Members of our team have built three, count 'em three, workflow tool products for Lotus Notes: QDM's Quality At Work (1989), Teamwork Solutions' ApproveIt! (1995) and of course, ProcessIt! (originally released in 1997). If you are hoping to purchase a workflow tool that's been designed to work in the real world from someone who can help you use it correctly, look no further: Teamwork Solutions is your premiere workflow consulting firm.
Lunch with workflow
Please join us for lunch while we demonstrate how easy it can be to use your existing infrastructure to quickly build high-value workflow- and document management applications for both Notes and the web

Your company has made a significant investment in Lotus Notes. The question is, are you getting the most out of it? Is Notes a core technology? Are you using it for more than just e-mail?

If not, you may be missing out.

Lotus Notes is one of the all-time great platforms for supporting business processes. When you were first introduced to Notes, chances are you heard a lot about its rapid application development and workflow capabilities. Those are two of the biggest reasons most companies choose Notes in the first place.

Unfortunately, and for a variety of reasons, many organizations never quite figure out how to take advantage of those capabilities. As a result, they struggle with unlocking the power and potential of the product and, often, end up using it mostly for e-mail.

Notes just for e-mail? Blasphemy!

Don’t get us wrong: Notes is a fine e-mail platform. No, it’s a great e-mail platform. With support for remote and disconnected users, integrated calendaring & scheduling, and a very low susceptibility to viruses, it may be the best e-mail platform.

But for us, using Notes only for e-mail is like buying a Ferrari just to haul your groceries: It will do the job, but that’s kind of missing the point.

Notes has e-mail, but it’s really not about e-mail. Notes is about applications. It’s about collaboration. It’s about workflow, document management, performance evaluations, resume tracking, sales expense reimbursement, and the thousand other things that make up a typical day at the office.

And, yeah, e-mail, too.

Possibly the best web development platform anywhere. Really.

But maybe you’ve decided your organization needs to be browser-based; that you don’t want to keep loading rich clients on every desktop. We’re convinced you still need Notes or, in this case, Domino (the Notes server).

Notes and Domino’s rapid application development capabilities carry straight through to the web. There are lots of good tools out there for building static web pages, but what do you use when you want to use the web to do something? ASPs? JSPs? Java?

OK, sure; if you’re building the next eBay, you need Java (and a stadium full of mainframes). Notes and Domino aren’t the tools for doing millions of transactions per minute. But, on the other hand, how many processes do you have with that kind of transaction volume?

Even in very large corporations, the answer usually is, “Not very many.” But, how many moderately-sized web applications do you have that require security, workflow, or interaction with back-end systems? Probably, quite a few. And, what do you use to build those systems? If your answer is anything other than Notes and Domino, chances are you’re wasting both time and money.

Notes is an amazingly powerful platform for quickly and economically building sophisticated applications for the web as well as for the Notes client. Truly. If you’re not using those capabilities, you have an opportunity that, with a little help getting started, you can leverage into real value for your organization.

Let us show you how

The trick to getting the most from your Notes and Domino investment is that it’s not a trick. With Domino, you already have the foundation for powerful, sophisticated, flexible applications. What may be missing are the skills or the tools needed to leverage it, but that’s where we can help: We have the experience, the tools and the products needed to get you there quickly.

We are Teamwork Solutions, one of Lotus’ oldest and most highly-regarded Business Partners. With more than twelve years’ experience designing and building custom Notes applications for many of the world’s largest organizations, we know what’s really possible with Notes, which is to say, a lot.

We’ve taken everything we know about Notes and Domino development and embedded it in some of the easiest-to-use, most powerful, smartest software products and tools you’ll ever see. They enable developers of all skill levels to quickly build a wide range applications for both Notes and the web.

Our tools and templates make it possible to get valuable applications—applications that might take weeks or even months to build with other technologies—up and running in just days.

We’d like to show them to you.

Who says there’s no free lunch?

We’re convinced that seeing is believing. So convinced, we’re offering you a free Lunch & Learn session. We’ll have lunch delivered to your office so you and your team can enjoy a quick meal while we do an on-line demonstration of what you could be doing to maximize your Notes and Domino investment.

There’s no catch, and no obligation. If you don’t like what you hear, enjoy the meal and let’s say our good-byes. But we’re pretty sure you won’t. Over the course of about an hour, including a question-and-answer period, you’ll find out how easy and, frankly, economical, it can be to implement powerful, reliable, secure applications of real value to your organization in amazingly short timeframes.

Learn something and get fed at the same time. A win-win deal.

To arrange for a Lunch & Learn session at your office, please contact Steve McIntosh ( or at 614-457-7100, extension 210) at your earliest convenience. You’ll be glad you did.

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