Teamwork Solutions is one of Lotus' best-known and most skilled application development partners. Working with Lotus Notes, Domino and other products since 1992, Teamwork Solutions is one of Lotus' oldest Business Partners.
How to become a Teamwork Solutions Business Partner
It's easy. Join our Business Partner Program (it's free) and you can re-sell all our products at a significant discount (and a whole lot more)

"It sounds too good to be true," said one of our early Partners as we explained the program, "I join for free, I get free promotional materials, technical support, excellent discounts on your products, and when I sell the products it almost automatically results in additional consulting and development work for me. So, what's the catch?"Why wouldn't you want to become a Teamwork Solutions Business Partner? You'll not only receive a generous commission on sales of our products, you will significantly add to your own consulting practice sales. Call us today.

The catch is, there is no catch. It's truly a win-win situation.

Look at it this way: We have wonderful, world-class workflow tools that make it possible for companies to transform the way they do business, and to do it right now. Tools we're sure almost any organization that uses Notes could―even should―be using.

But we're not IBM or Lotus...we don't have salespeople in every city or rooms full of telemarketers searching out every possible sales lead.

We are, by comparison, little guys. We build great tools, but we can't be everywhere. That's why we need you. Chances are, wherever you are is someplace we're not. We probably don't compete, so why don't we help each other?

Expanding your practice with our tools

When you sell ProcessIt!, WorkFinder, the ProcessIt! Document Library, or any of our other products into an organization, you're creating follow-on sales opportunities for yourself.

In addition, you'll create a perception of increased value for your organization because you're introducing powerful, reasonably-priced tools your clients can put to use immediately. You're helping them do things better.

Internally, your team can extend itself. All our tools are designed so even the most skilled developer can bring his or her abilities to bear on a project. With the ability to run agents and outside code, a seasoned developer can build amazingly flexible and powerful applications on top of either ProcessIt! or ApproveIt!

On the other hand, if you have a Notes team with more modest skills, our tools give you the ability to confidently deliver projects you might not otherwise be able to tackle. Because so much is already done for you, developers new to Notes can still do valuable work for you and your clients right from the start.

Partnering with Teamwork

Are you interested in representing Teamwork's workflow products to your clients? We have a comprehensive Business Partner program which gives you the right to resell our products at a significant discount as well as promotional and technical support, internal-use licenses and much more.

To become a Teamwork Business Partner, simply fill out and return the attached Distributor Agreement or, for more information, please contact Steve McIntosh, Director at 614-884-4280, or via email at sjm at

Teamwork Distributor Agreement.pdf

Smart people building sophisticated applications & workflow tools for Lotus Notes, IBM Lotus WebSphere and the Internet
Teamwork Solutions' innovative Lotus Notes workflow products and applications have made us two-time Beacon Award Finalists.